Other Clean Technologies

Clean Technologies (short: Cleantech) encompass products or processes that are specifically developed to reduce pollution and use of finite resources. Renewable energy technologies have been at the heart of clean energy. However, energy efficiency, storage, smart grid and carbon storage technologies are equally important in the transition to a low-carbon economy. The wider, CleanTech sector also includes other low-carbon technologies as well as water treatment, recycling and forest management.

Which Companies develop and market Clean Energy Products?

The companies that are operating in the clean technology sector are as diverse as the products and services they offer.

Size Type Features Examples
Small Traditional SME Small companies that trade or apply proven clean-tech products as part of a wider offering. For instance, local builder installing solar thermal collectors. Andover Gas & Water
Pureplay Cleantech SME Similar to traditional SMEs (see above), these companies also trade or apply proven clean-tech products. However, their sole focus is on clean-tech. Whilst their growth potential might be limited due to lack of economies of scale, they play a vital part in promoting, distributing and applying clean-tech products.
Technology start-up Pre-revenue companies that are commercializing new technologies. High risk, but high growth potential
Medium to Large Pureplay Cleantech Companies with main focus on cleantech that have gained significant size. They are often listed companies.
Traditional environmental goods and services companies Established organizations such as water and waste management companies and environmental consultancies. Veolia Environment
Traditional Company with product extensions Established companies that have only recently branched out into marketing clean-tech products as a diversification of their traditional business.
  • Danfoss (from heating & cooling to solar inverters)
  • Everest (from windows to solar panels)
Subsidiary of traditional company Separate legal entities or independent business units of large corporations with sole focus on clean-tech products, though the subsidiary forms only small part of the overall business. Separation aids in measuring results and allows for different business model.


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