• Developing renewable energy projects
    We can help you develop renewable energy projects, providing support during the entire lifecycle.
  • Consulting in Renewable Energy
    We provide advice along the entire renewable energy value chain:
    Transactional: project due diligence, feasibility study, project selection
    Training: education in energy and finance
    Consulting Services
  • Global outlook
    Many of our customers are from emerging markets.
    We are keen on helping develop new markets and opportunities with you anywhere in the world.
    Projects Worldwide
  • Financial Advice
    We offer help with financial modelling to support business plans or investment proposals. We can help find suitable investors.
    Financial & Project Services
global reach Solar Power


We consult on the development of both grid-connected and off-grid photovoltaic power plants worldwide. We support project sponsors, financiers, engineers and developers.


We can assist with technical due diligence, site selection, feasibility study, energy yield estimation, selection of suppliers and off-grid studies.

global reach  Why Green Rhino?

Green Rhino Energy is a project developer and specialist consultancy providing expert, strategic advice to developers, investors and cleantech firms.


  • Based in London - operating internationally
  • Combining technical and financial expertise
  • Independant


Training: We provide in-class training courses on power purchase agreements, energy yield assessment using PVSyst, financing of renewable energy projects and energy project finance.



Green Rhino Energy featured on 21st Century Business television series.

. Interview

Joachim Baumgaertner discusses challenges and opportunities in clean energy with Jackie Bales.

 Wind Turbines  Clean Energy

Clean Energy reduces dependence on fossil fuels, pollution and waste from energy generation and consumption.


With rising fossil fuel prices, concerns about energy security and climate change, and ever-increasing demand for energy worldwide, clean energy projects present solid investment opportunities.


We are specialists in solar photovoltaics, waste-to-energy and wind energy.


Unlock the potential with us.