Research & Intelligence: The basis for decision making

We support entrepreneurs, investors and anyone operating or interested in clean energy by providing relevant, up-to-date, concise insights on resources, technologies, finance, markets and industry.

  • Advice on regulatory frameworks: We analyze incentive schemes and assess their strenghts and weaknesses.
  • Technology review: We can provide assessments of technological trends and focus of industry, covering both product and process innovation. This will help viewing a particular innovation in the context of a big picture.
  • Carbon management strategy: We can assist in carbon emission reduction strategy - from analysis to solutions.
  • Market research: Green Rhino Energy researches markets and niche markets all the time, including market trends and drivers, size, growth and segments. Tell us your specific target market!
  • Industry and competitive analysis: We provide insights into the nature of competition and the types of companies operating in a specific element of the value chain or a whole industry.
  • Training material:We are very happy to collaborate to produce training material or other educational material to further knowledge about clean energy.
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