Training: What we offer

We offer in-class training course on energy and finance related topics such as “Renewable Energy Financing & Modelling”, “Energy Project Finance”. Further courses are in preparation or can be tailored to client's wishes on demand.

We are passionate about training and we are passionate about energy. Energy project development and financing require knowledge in many areas including science, engineering, financing, accounting, law and regulation. We have depth of experience in all of those areas to deliver a rounded perspective with a global outlook.

Courses can be organized anywhere for one to up to 15 delegates per course. We are flexible on length of training and content. Please contact us for Training Enquiry.

How we deliver

The courses combine case studies and theory backed up by real-life examples.

Delegates receive comprehensive notes, Excel files for financial models, yield estimations, uncertainty calculations and others.

Up-to-date and relevant information on trends empirical evidence

In the workshops, we will discuss a number of case studies and how to apply the theory to arrive at a choice of solutions. These case reviews form an excellent balance between the formal part of the courses and hands-on participation.

Scheduled Courses

The following public courses have been scheduled for 2017. For tailored or in-house courses, please contact us directly.

Johannesburg 4 days 8 - 11 May 2017 Solar Finance in Emerging Markets Details & Register
Johannesburg 3 days 24 - 26 July 2017 Renewable Energy Modelling Details & Register
Singapore 4 days 18 - 21 Sep 2017 Energy Project Finance Details & Register
Johannesburg 4 days 30 Oct - 2 Nov 2017 Renewable Energy Financing and Modelling Details & Register


Energy Project Finance



Techniques and elements of non-recourse financing of large-scale energy projects.


Challenges of project finance vs corporate finance: contractual / legal framework, debt sizing, financing instruments, risk allocation strategy based on comprehensive risk assessment.


Application of project finance and nuances across different energy sectors.


Learning Objectives


Analyse project-financed deals and understand the key factors that make project finance a good choice for funding.


Use output financial model for business cases, capital structuring, bid preparations and measuring risks.


Understand criteria for investment and credit decisions and negotiation tactics.


more details ...

Renewable Energy Finance & Modelling



A strategic framework to understand the business models and peculiarities of financing renewable energy projects.


Deliver a structure on how to develop a financial model that allows in-depth quantitative assessment of key measures and risks.



Learning Objectives


Build a financial model that reflects the underlying business and commercial reality.


Use results from comprehensive risk assessment and financial model in business cases, capital structuring, bid preparations and investment decisions.


Understand how to value managerial flexibility (e.g. option to abandon project, sell project after commissioning or re-finance debt)




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