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Value Chain Activity: Manufacturing high-efficiency multi-junction Cells

Similar to thin-film manufacturing, thin layers of photovoltaic material are deposited onto a substrate. The emphasis here, however, is on quality, rather than cost. This way, cell efficiencies of over 40% are achieved.

Industry Context


With increasing interest from terrestrial photovoltaic module makers, there will be more entrants into this market.


Naturally, some of the competitors have a space heritage, but there are a few entrants from the solar space too.

PV Cell


With efficiencies of crystalline silicon products increasing, it could become a serious contender. However, in some segments, high efficiency can not be replaced by cheaper products.



In the terrestrial solar market, buyers are concentrating pv module makers.


Select Companies

Name Country Comments
Spectrolab United States Spectrolab uses a triple-junction cell technology with 32% efficiency. Being a Boeing offshoot, they are designed for space missions.
AzurSpace Germany The Quadruple Junction Solar Cell from AzureSpace using GaAs has a 32% efficiency
Risen Energy China Risen offers hetero-junction thin-film modules for the solar market with 23.8% cell efficiency.
Megasol Switzerland Megasol manufactures HIT modules with cell efficiency of 23%!


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