Green Rhino Energy Services

Services for entrepreneurs: From ideas to market

Developing fledgling technologies requires funding, innovative products must find customers and newly developed services need market niches. We can help start-ups as well as established businesses venturing into the clean energy sector to succeed:

  • Market opportunity assessment: Prior to writing a full-blown business plan, we can provide a general assessment of any business opportunity: Is it worth pursuing a particular idea? What are the risks involved? What needs to be proven before investing more time and money? How to enter a new market?
  • Business model validation and financial modelling: We put all the elements of you business model under a microscope and work out financial and operational implications under a number of different scenarios. Based on those insights we can make recommendations.
  • Pricing strategy: Like no other variable, pricing directly effects a firm's revenues. We can help you create a strategy to price for profit - that could include bundling, peak pricing, usage pricing, yield management, value pricing or customer-aligned pricing models.
  • Business plan evaluation or preparation: We can help create a full business plan including marketing, operational and financial plan.
  • Strategy: We can help you working out a strategy for the commercialization of a technology.
  • Performance measurement: Taking measurements of key drivers can help improve performance. We can develop a balanced and sensible framework to help you knowing if you are on track.
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